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My Take: Haggard and Rancid Looking Black Witch Offers $4 to Blow the Domes. The WORST That Money Can Buy!!!

First, here’s the disgusting video in question.

Notice how absolutely disheveled this woman looked. She had seemingly no hair and looked like a skeletal man. This is typically how black women look when thin due to their features, thus why the majority are not desired by men even  when they’re NOT fat. Black men, is this your queen, a damn near zombie that looks like one of your homeboys?

Secondly, notice that disgusting voice of hers. They look AND sound like men, and you wonder why men don’t like them? She sounded horse and sick, a probable result from her street lifestyle.

Then, there’s the intellect, or lack thereof. This woman couldn’t figure out her own age (it seemed she meant either 21 or 31), and her appearance certainly doesn’t help. Plus, what else is this indicative of? A lot of blacks are coming out of……that’s right, INCEST! Most blacks in the hood are a standard deviation or two away from being retarded walking dead, and you wonder why they can’t build anything? Why do you think the worst half breed still out performs them?

Of course, there’s also the whoring itself. These queens and mothers of the year shouldn’t have to resort to such tactics. They are goddesses, as I’ve been told. Black women love to tell you that they’re educated, classy, and 5 star chicks, yet the average black woman from the ages of 24-40 has a net worth of, get this, $5!!!

Look at how much larger the white womens’ net worth is than black womens’. Don’t tell me white women are just as bad, do they have $5 net worths on average?!!

Going to school near downtown Chattanooga, TN, I’ve seen several black women, most older, ALL dark skinned, walking the streets, as well as perusing into establishments such as Family Dollar and Speedway, attempting to hawk their (damaged) “goods”.

Then there’s the price. It’s bad enough that a woman would offer her body for such services and put a price on it, let alone “Mother Earth”. $4 dollars, however, is hilariously low for such an intimate and “touchy” (no pun intended) subject. Now, it’s probably overcharging (it IS most of her net worth, btw), but still. On top of that, if she’s struggling so, what would $4 do? I guarantee that the money would only go towards drugs, booze, or some other such vice. I also guarantee you that this woman has children.

This woman is a microcosm of everything I say about black women, and more black men need to wake up. White men and other non-black men typically know not to even talk to a black chick, though the ones who do, considering the much better options at their table, are idiots. Black men, if we don’t let this breed of witch go extinct, and breed them out with mixed blacks, we will NEVER build and sustain a thing. White people may have funded this beast, but they sure as hell didn’t give it its claws, or its taste for blood. Throw this woman in a labor camp, maybe she’ll earn that $4!




2 thoughts on “My Take: Haggard and Rancid Looking Black Witch Offers $4 to Blow the Domes. The WORST That Money Can Buy!!!

  1. This fits in with the post I wrote recently on Section 8 being cut off for black women and how they would start resorting to prostitution and robbery. Look at this right here, a sad state of affairs however black women like this must not be saved, they have a cup of judgement that they must drink down. They must be left to stew, marinate and perish in their own failures.

    • Indeed, WHORE Wars. I kind of wonder what neighborhood and where this was at. More than likely, it was in a neighborhood well known for hood antics and stupidity like this, rife with crime. There’s no way a nice area would allow sluts to so easily hawk their “goodies” around. Anywhere black chicks land, disease and pestilence go with them.

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