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Alternatives to YouTube for Black Manosphere

With the growing censorship of YouTube, many creators, namely black youtubers, are searching for alternatives to voice their opinions as well as make a bit of money.

Now, I will say this, I would continue to use YouTube for as long as possible. This is due to both the still mainstream status of YouTube as well as the higher potential of earnings through it.

Some good alternatives, however, are Vimeo, Dailymotion,, and twitch. Here are some links.

Straightshooter’s channel



Twitch is of course gaming oriented, though there are some uploaders who produce food and talk show content. This would be a more income focused option for brothers into gaming.

As promised, I will soon upload my own gaming videos, as well as politics, social commentary, news, and other assorted content.

Black men must produce and support each other. If you have a channel or blog of any sort, feel free to post the link in the comment section.

Also, be sure to check out the new forum “Save Yourself Black Man”, where we discuss many of these topics and you can post/plug any content you want to share.



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