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HoaxVID-19 2020 Final


One thought on “HoaxVID-19 2020 Final

  1. I thought of this in recent days, when these ‘professioners’ first drop these guidelines of safe distancing, wear a mask, wash your hands and stay at home if you’re sick, many legit medical doctors say that this COVID is similar to the common cold and the like and these governments shouldn’t shut down their economies and countries for something minor like this but the Kool-Aid is ALL so good to pass up. You always supposed to practice good hygiene when you’re are sick (or not). There’s no need for executive orders by Governors’ of U.S. states to say it’s mandatory to wear a mask and keep six-feet apart when entering a store to shop or a restaurant to eat or restricting the amount of people to gather in one place. It’s about controlling the people.

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