2 thoughts on “HoaxVID-19 5/31/2021: The Baaahing of the Sheep

  1. As I’ve stated before, those who refuse to use their own brains deserve death, at this stage there is no excuse for not seeing through this hoax for the pure grade A garbage it is.

    • Brendan Dubalos says:

      Most of these sheep whine and complain about ‘muh communism’ aka white nationalism but when Billy Boy and Chabad do it to them, it’s no big deal? WTF man?

      These sheep really can’t see beyond their own satisfaction. This is why they get beaten down and abused by False Flag Fedowitz, Hitman Hanzelstein, Banker Rothschild and all the other scum fresh off the gulag.

      This is why I despise and loath these ‘fact checkers’ and so called ‘skeptics’, they feed on people’s insecurities and need to bloviate while providing nothing of value.

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