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HoaxVID-19 Evidence 12/09/2020

You will notice that the countries below that are taking a stand against this nonsense are predominately European, as well as Asian and to some extent, South American. Negroes have absolutely no leg to stand on anymore against pretty much ANY sort of racism, as they are the main ones CHOOSING to be slaves.

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HoaxVID-19 Evidence 12/01/2020

Open your eyes, you just might start noticing things. One interesting photo below is the Orthodox Jews rebelling against this nonsense. After this, Negroes better not ever complain about “da kikes,” when even the most isolated Jews and other racial groups have bigger brains and are more informed than they are.

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HoaxVID-19 Proof 11/25/2020

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH!!!! You will notice that those standing up against and pointing out the tyranny at play are mostly WHITE. Asians of course are complying because most of them are a bunch of spineless, zombiefied cowards who wouldn’t dare rock the boat.

Black people however have no excuses. Just going along with the mandates of the same “waycizt whieyt gubirmint” that they usually do nothing but bitch and moan about. Most people will be thrown into the dustbin of history when this is all over, including at least 98% of black people.

Notice also that the main “cunspear-issy theeriztsz” railing against vaccines are also white. Where are pro-blacks like Tariq Nasheed to warn black people against what’s being done to them? Exactly. At this point, black people en masse DESERVE the slavery that they’re otherwise always talking about, and their countries DESERVE to be raped by the Chinese and other opportunists. Congratulations, you just validated racism!

The same goes for human and child trafficking, the main ones fighting this are white folks, even though African women and children are some of the biggest victims. But #blacklivesmatter, amiright?

You will also notice that mainstream organized religions aren’t saying a damn thing, namely Christianity. These religions claim to have all the answers, and Black churches especially harp about Jesus and having godly wisdom and discernment. Where’s the discernment about this hoax of a deadly virus? The only pastor who’s truly spoken out and taken a stand against this nonsense is John McArthur, who’s a pariah among Christianity anyways for actually preaching the Bible.

CHURCHES and burn. HOSPITALS should burn. UNIVERSITIES should burn. GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS should burn. The time for being nice is over.

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The Book of Hotep

[1:1] In the beginning came the Kangz, for Kangz wuz us, and we wuz Kangs,

[1:2] The kingdom of Africa was a unified utopia, whilst the hills of alien soil remained uncivilized.

[1:3] King Umar Rama Tut, the king of Kangz, ruled with a firm brow and steel heart. In his boredom, he traveled, and didst come near the visage of Sheba, Queen of Lower Egypt.

[1:4] And Umar witnessed the breadth of her bosom, and the ounce of her bounce, and saw that it was good; and Umar knew her, giving birth to the black nations of Shabazz and En Sabah Nubia.

[1:5] Umar said to his queen, “Let us build a nation above all others on the earth.”

[1:6] And Umar commanded steel from his hands, and lightning from his toenails.

[1:7] So Umar made the Great Flying Pyramids of ancient Kenya, which were cast in living gold. And it was so.

[1:8] Pleased with his creation, and the benefits of said knowledge for his people, Umar rejoiced. He studied day and night for weeks on end, namely studying the ancient scrolls of the Higher Energy, and the Orb of Enlightenment.

[1:9] And Umar said, “Come, my queen, so that I may know you again. We must leave further legacy upon this earth to continue the work upon our return to the Great Halls of Voodoo.” And it was so.

[1:10] So Queen Sheba bore him twin sons, which she named Maat and Jehuty and twin daughters, which she named Potara and Paran.

[1:11] Maat and Jehuty sought women of upper Ethiopia, whose features were of soft linen, hair of ebony clouds, and skin of the sweetest caramel. Through their unions were born the Blackadamites.

[1:12] Potara and Paran sought men of the kingdom of Compton, whose features were that of stern warriors, who walked with the cripple of those with much swagger, and whose hair was like that of the wildest of nests. Through their union were born the Wakandanites.

[1:13] Umar’s vile brother Yakub bore witness to these developments, and grew much bitterness and jealousy. For he was of much pride, and himself had never broken any beds in. He had traveled the nearest regions, gaining much in way of enemies, and his only allies were those equally as scorned as himself. His ambitions reached far beyond the hills of Africa, which were aims ruled against for decades by the Royal Council, which he, as the youngest brother, held little power in.

[1:14] And Yakub said to his followers, the scheming alien Palesites, “Let us rob Umar of that which he holds most dear, and remove of him his trace of legacy

[1:15] and let the tears of his anguish be pools of joy toward the waymaking of our own posterity.” And it was so.

[1:16] Yakub crafted from his infernal oven the makings of a race of devils, low in their ways, and evil in their thoughts.

[1:17] Yakub set them in the hub of Africa, in the inner circle of the city Sharkeisha,

[1:18] to attempt to vex and one day rule over the fruit of the union of Umar and Sheba.

[1:19] And the devils, who faces were those of apes, dogs, goats, birds, and pigs, and whose hair was that of a wild ass, did shout their teachings to the township, before reaching the gates of the Moorish Temple.

[1:20] And Moham, Prince of Miscreants, said, “Behold, they do hold fast to the teachings of the Upper Room of the Yoruba. We must conjure our deepest spells and magicks through which we shall further vex them.”

[1:21] So Moham conspired through sorcery a series of tales and fables, through which he intended to entrench the minds of the people.

[1:22] Moham blessed them, saying, “For days were greater in length and in leisure when the spoiled sucklings of Umar did not gallivant your streets.”

[1:23] And there was dissent in the unified kingdom, and great confusion.

[1:24] Umar and Sheba, seeing this, proclaimed to the people of Africa, “Our people, who are united under us, fall not for this foreign ideology, which seeks to subvert our unity of brethren for actions in the service of forces most arcane.” As she spoke these words, Sheba’s eyes turned toward Yakub with pity and contempt. And the royal couple held hands and proclaimed their voices to the highest of heavens. And it was so.

[1:25] The citizens of the cities, and the denizens of the villages, all roared with the thundering rush of a thousand lions, in unison once again with their king and queen. Rejecting the teachings of the alien, they banished him henceforth from the land.

[1:26] Then Yakub said, “Moham, bastard son of Arabis! Your dark teachings have failed me, and I am left with no number of multitudes added to my camp! “

[1:27] And Moham replied, “Wrong, Yakub, for surely as I speak, you are left even with a lessening of disciples, for the only of those who truly believed the words of us Palesites were your foolish devils! Begone, for I have need of you as much as the fowl has need of the ravenous wolf!”

[1:28] Deserted, Yakub sought a new machination, and did travel hither and thither to the ends of the earth, walking as far as the sun is hot.

[1:29] Verily, did he face every beast of the earth, every fowl of the air, and everything that creeps on the earth.

[1:30] Thus did his battles grow fiercer, as his scars grew deeper, and his limbs grew weaker.

[1:31] On the sixth day, famished and near death, Yakub was found by Khutoora, daughter of Fetiri, and the princess of the lost kingdom of Kushwood.

Chapter 2

[2:1] Thus the would be heir to the African kingdom was revived, and through this were his tactics.

[2:2] Yakub said, “Through the alliance of my devils and his Palesites, the numbers led by Moham could have surely hied to the throne of the kingdom, if not for the meandering complexity of Moham and his foreign tricknology.”

[2:3] So Yakub was with newfound strategy, and entered the bed chamber of Khutoora.

[2:4] Her frame was like that of the most unruly of bears, and her aroma as tainted as the bodily perfume of the musk ox. Her hair was like coils of brambles, and her face, the very visage of a warthog’s hind parts.

[2:5] Clearly drunken with both wine and mania, Yakub did know her quite verily for nights on end. The skies recoiled, the ground shook, and the flowers wilted in agony from the briefest sounds and sights of their demonic frolicking.

[2:6] Yakub’s issue was like that of donkey’s, and thus Khutoora bore him a mighty army in mere months time.

[2:7] The Yakubians were built like the strongest of behemoths, and marked apart by their head regions, which seemingly grew in size each day.

[2:8] And Yakub marched his army to the kingdom of Kenya, where Umar and his Great Flying Pyramids resided.

[2:9] On their way, Yakub instructed his army of the need for brute force and the lack of need for rationality.

[2:10] And the army of Yakub did attempt to raze the great city, rushing through its streets like a violent emotion.

[2:11] Umar and Sheba both did speak to the multitudes, saying, “These beasts are but mere rabid dogs! Come, let us use our vast resources so that we may smite them with great ease!” As she spoke these words, Sheba’s eyes lingered toward Yakub, and did rest confusedly. And the royal couple held hands and proclaimed their voices to the highest of heavens. And it was so.

[2:12] The great cannons and flying tanks of great wonder that Umar had built in Yakub’s absence easily vanquished Yakub’s forces, who stood as weakly as a fart in a windstorm.

[2:13] Defeated once again, and left without his own physical progeny, Yakub was forced into exile.

[2:14] For Umar had said, “Yea, though thou art the brother of my mother’s womb, you are now nothing more to me than a homeless dog. Begone from my kingdom, and never return!” And it was so.

[2:15] Yakub travailed in his exile, unwanted by kin or country.

[2:16] For his bedwench Khutoora had deserted him, and his bastardly brood had fallen by the sword and the laser in battle with his brother.

[2:17] Searching desperately for allies, and a way in which to avenge himself towards his brethren, Yakub scoured the four corners of the Earth.

[2:18] He climbed the steppes of the Asian (or West European) plateaus, for the people there were fierce warriors, swift of mind and of kick.

[2:19] And he said to them, “Come, follow me to my brother’s land so that we may make war with them! For surely your resources and strength will prevail us in battle! And we will much in way of booty and boon!”

[2:20] The men of the Asian plateaus, known then as the Hills of Nod Lee, were displeased with his offer, and turned him away, saying,

[2:21] “Your quarrel with your brother is your own! For we have no need of death or of warfare! And with the luscious legs and long flowing locks of our Mongolian princesses, surely no need of boon or of booty! Begone, lest your accursed existence plague our own!”

[2:22] And Yakub left the Asian plateaus, and turned instead to the land of the Mormonic ones, who reside in the City of the Lake That Is Salty.

[2:23] Upon arriving there, Yakub bore witness to their plurality of wives, and multitude of offspring.

[2:24] And he said to himself, in the confines of his own mind, “Blessed Yoruba above, surely these are the allies of whom I have need. For their number is as large as mine erse is black!”

[2:25] And Josesphus of Smithers, the Emperor of the Mormonic ones, approached the alien Yakub, noting his strange appearance.

[2:26] And he spoke to him, asking, “For what reason are my eyes plagued with such a grisly visage as thine, foreign one?”

[2:27} Yakub said, “My brother has forsaken me, and robbed me of the kingdom which is rightfully mine. Join me as allies so that we may slay him, and the bounty of mine kingdom will be to your own!”

[2:28] As the words uttered forth from his mouth, a legion of large vermin proceeded from Josephus’ tent, gathering about Yakub.

[2:29] And their leader, the enormous rat of a man known only as Lord Gold looked toward Yakub with intrigue and idea, saying, “Foreigner, you come from a strange land with much in way of riches and resources, correct?”

[2:30] Yakub, shocked by their interest, gladly responded, “Verily, I say unto thee that the gold of my home nation is stacked like the legs of many crabs at the shack of Joseph, the jewels dots the landscape like the stars do the ebony night sky, the feed halls are filled with smells and tastes of the finest of 40s, hottest of wings, and stinkiest of chitlins, and the hind parts of the womenfolk are supple to the point of appearing minutes after the women themselves.

[2:31] And the rat Gold was with much interest, particularly in the latter points. For he suspected weakness in the supposed strength of Yakub’s people, and inquired accordingly, saying,

[2:32] “Have your women, the lesser vessels, any weaknesses, any means through which they can be entere-….um, entertained?”

[2:33] Yakub replied, with a smile stretching as far and long as he claimed his member did, saying thusly, “In my youth, the womenfolk of my interest turned their own toward the menfolk who were descended from the half breed tribe of Hie-Yale-Oh. These men, such as the handsome Timothy, son of Donohoo, held not the complexion of deepest tar, but instead that of the smoothest of shea butter, with locks as curly as shag carpet. Perhaps an even lesser strain would assuredly wet the womenfolks’ palettes, and draws, further. Though, for this reason especially, the miscegenation of the flesh was forbidden long ago, and surely the women will require some vexing.”

[2:34] Gold inquired, “Leave the vexing to us. But what vessels shall be most fertile, and such, most volatile, so as to bring about the most societal ruination?”

[2:35] Yakub was with much bewilderment, until, struck by blows of epiphany, he responded with much glee, saying, “I know one such vessel in particular, whose loyalty has always been elsewhere, and who will turn on her man for another with much ease!”

[2:38] And Yakub and Gold conspired together all the time that day, and were of much evil intent.

[2:39] Elsewhere, Umar discussed an upcoming ceremony of the East Moon Temple, a staple of the greater African society. Umar was of great joy, and surrounded by a crowd of happy followers. Sheba, likewise, was low in her spirits, and had recently began to dismiss her royal guards and protectors, as if bored with disinterest.

[2:40] Equally uninterested in the ceremony, which had become as blasé as the breath she drew, Sheba intended to arouse conversation, asking Umar, “Why must we cling so desperately to the old ways?”

[2:41] Umar looked at her with a disappointment unknown theretofore, asking her, “From which fiery furnace of the depths below does such conversation stem from, dearest wife? Surely you realize the context of the words which you speak?”

[2:42] Sheba pleaded, “Our childrens’ lives have been molded to not venture too far from our own, their lives, their livelihood….those of the people which they rule over…….it is as it has always been! There is no change, only stagnation, only…….Africa!”

[2:43] Umar angrily spewed, “You sound of the same mind as that demon Yakub! You should hie closer to the teachings of the Yoruba and further from that of his Palesite dogma!”

[2:44] Sheba, now despondent, uttered, “You never truly listened to him, nor considered giving his ideas a chance. He desired simply change, and he was not the only one! Despite this, you took his use of his gods given mind as treason! Your own brother, and you always treated him worse tha-

[2:45] “He is not my brother!”, Umar shouted. “For this reason did I so joyously exile him, so that he might not further attempt to contaminate our society with his alien loving ways! Now prepare yourself, we have a ceremony to take part in”

[2:46] Sheba looked toward the sky, then toward the visage of other men, namely handsome Timothy, and privately wept.

Chapter 3

“Beautiful” Black QUEENS

[3:1] Umar set out that day, making sacrifices to the Yoruba above before leading his people in worship. For he was of much jubilation, as he had recently known his queen again, with the intent of having a son who would take over his role as the pharaoh to all of Africa. For his other sons had made nations of their own, and Umar had not a true heir or successor.

[3:2] Unbeknownst to him, his Queen’s mind wandered beyond his flesh, focused instead on that of another.

[3:3] For Timothy, son of Donohoo, was working nearby, with the mountainous muscles that made up his frame sweating seductively, all to the enchantment of the womenfolk in the vicinity.

[3:4] Though she was with king, Queen Sheba desired Timothy, seeking to know him both in spirit and in bedchamber. For his holy seed would sire children of like appearance, whose skin and hair was to the local womenfolk’s liking.

[3:5] And lo, before her very eyes, Lord Gold appeared with a troop of his most loyal of vermin. Their figure was shocking to the meandering mind of the queen, all save for the visage of Nagel, the magical seed sewer who was cooked up of recent in the devilish furnaces of Gold and Yakub. There was a fire about his eyes, and a crackle about his voice.

[3:6] Gold and Nagel greeted her, saying, “Greetings, my fare queen of tar. How might we be of service to one of such royal lineage?”

[3:7] As surely as the fowl doth follow the jackrabbit with his eyes, so too did Sheba toward the manly regions of Nagel with her own.

[3:8] For Nagel was of scanty garb, and covered in Hebraic tattoos which accentuated said region. And he said unto the queen, “Come, fare ebony mistress, so that I may know you, and bless you with a field full of the younglings which you desire. Children whose locks are of gently coiled cotton, and whose skin appears as the lightest beige.

[3:9] Sheba turned from him saying, “I decline, for I am betrothed, and dare not sire the miscegenated seed of other nations’ men!”

[3:10] Nagel grabbed her chin, growling to her, “Your mouth enunciates such passages, but your heart, among other parts, belongs to other loyalties! For I know that you trust little in the machinations of your husband, namely in his dealings with his most ingenious brother!”

[3:11] She beseeched him to answer, “What know thee of the fate of Yaku-”

[3:12] And he shooshed her lips, saying, “Now, now, not one more word concerning the exiled cur. Let us save such facial expressions for passion instead.”

[3:13] Nagel kissed Sheba with much fervor, with the fire of his eyes likewise consuming Sheba’s own. After asking where the queen wished to go, Gold’s magicks transported the two to the royal bedchamber. Sheba pushed him onto the bed, disrobing faster than the nature of a bullet which is speeding. And Nagel knew her in intimate detail, and she bitteth the pillow. Nagel was left with much exhaustion, with a deep spirit of sleep and tiredness coming upon him after he putteth her through dat headboard.

[3:14] As sleep embraced his being, Nagel rose to take a dreadful gasp, all before being transported elsewhere by Gold’s magicks.

[3:15] Sheba, who was frightened to her wit’s end, scurried out of the room, and attempted to forget all that had transpired.

[3:16] Months passed, as Sheba soon came ready to deliver child. And Umar was with much joy, ready to greet his heir.

[3:17] And lo, as her delivery grew closer by the minute, Sheba, Umar, and the royal medical staff were met by the presence of Yakub, Gold, Nagel, and hundreds of Gold’s humanoid verminfolk.

[3:18] Umar raged in a fury, inquiring, “Yakub, what is the meaning of this? For as surely as I breathe, I exiled your smarmy carcass to the four ends of the earth, never to return to my kingdom!”

[3:19] Yakub pointed to Umar’s crown, before pointing to his own head, saying, “Your kingdom? By whose right, brother?”

[3:20] Umar responded, “By both birth and by virtue, the former of yours I regret, namely for your lack of the latter. You lost the right to call me brother long ago, you foul, menacing miscreant!”

[3:21] Yakub retorted. “Miscreant? For simply thinking on a higher plane, and wishing to expand this insular empire into an intergalactic union amongst the stars? You choke me up, brother!”

[3:22] Umar angrily exclaimed, “Would that it were so, demon, I would physically do just that! Now explain your repugnant presence, along with that of these filthy fleabags!”

[3:23] Ripping the clothes off of the mysteriously revived Nagel, Yakub stated playfully, “Ask your loyal wife, Umar. After all, it be our machinations that explain her being here…..”

[3:24] As soon as the terror of Nagel’s return entered the synapses of her mind, a deeper threat of labor pains crawled through Sheba’s brain, forcing their way outward as she vomited a siren song of screams.

[3:25] Minutes passed, all met with the ever present laughter of Yakub, whose voice was soon joined by the crescendoing decibels of a babe’s first weep. Seeing the lack of melanin in “his child’s” skin was a sight Umar was unprepared to behold, as tears flushed down his face like the rapids of the Great Nile. He pleaded with his wife, “Tell me……tell me……you….were attacked?”, to which her response was a contrasting face and a wandering set of eyes. “I needed……..change.”, she muttered.

[3:26] Repulsed by the child’s clearly miscegenated visage, and the disloyalty of his own wife, Umar jetted toward his brother, choking him as he promised, saying, “What have you done?! Why must you vex me so?!!”

[3:27] Yakub violently sputtered out, “As much as I desire responsibility with fornicating with your large bottomed strumpet, the man you want is behind you. Just as he was your wife!”

[3:28] As assuredly as Umar turned around to face the man responsible, Nagel wafted out his arm to strike Umar across the face. Yakub responded, “You know the African Protocols, my unwitting cuckold of a brother, for you wrote many them! Miscegenation of flesh is forbidden, and tantamount to treason, responded to only with execution! And let us not forget the scriptures. A man who can not control his wife or child can not manage his family. If he does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of the gods’ people? Hahahaha!”

[3:29] The verminfolk took to fighting Umar. Nails sliced at the throats of Umar’s then appearing soldiers, while thrashing tails threw objects about to strike at Umar.

[3:30] Umar, who was of great strength and greater fury, punched wildly at the vermin, who returned blows in kind and quickly overtook him. Near death, he exclaimed, “You think your alien leader and my brother, damn him, are the only ones in possession of potent magicks! Though I had prayed that the day would never come for my using it, the time is now for my final strike against you creatures!

[3:31] Struck with both deep fear, and a deeper knowledge of what his brother was planning, Yakub issued out, “No!!!”, as his magicks transported he and Gold elsewhere. For just as they disappeared, Umar’s form had taken on that of an orb of incredible energy, gushing forth through the body of all adjacent verminfolk.

[3:32] And their forms devolved, turning them from varmint parodies of humanity to the lowliest of field mice. They scurried about in fear, and were of much puniness.

[3:33] The energy orb that was Umar evaporated, leaving behind only his crown, which dropped on the floor pyrrhically. Reappearing, Yakub grabbed the crown, fitting it on his own head as he walked toward the shamed queen.

[3:34] Yakub did speak to the multitudes, saying, “Your queen has betrayed you! Your so called heir is of alien seed! Your former leader has fallen! Follow me, dearest children of the Yoruba above, and we shall move beyond this, and all other setbacks! On the ashes of their disgraced kingdom, we shall build a better one, free from their paranoia and isolatioinism! I will give you new opportunities, and greater resources, for a bigger world! A world of globalism, of multiple cultures through which we shall grow stronger, and potential as vast as the skies above, which we shall all surely reach in due time! Heed my voice, I am your king!” As Yakub spoke these words, Sheba’s eyes feared Yakub, and did cry profusely. And Yakub grabbed the former queen’s hand and proclaimed his voice to the highest of heavens. And it was so.

[3:35] These are the days of Yakub, who unleashed devils and vermin upon his own people. These are days of turmoil, turbulence, strife, and chaos. Doom befell the whole of Africa, and the continent was taken with much darkness. These are the days of the lost tribe of Shabazz. Amen.

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I am currently in the midst of developing a YouTube channel devoted to a variety of topics, subjects, and interests. These include video game streaming, politics, news and citizen journalism, social commentary, art, business, movies, comic books, anime, tv shows, and more.

Thus, I’ll be converting my current White Girl Wednesday and other themed days into videos, and all new theme day content will be in video format and twice a month. Comic reviews will also be converted into videos.

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Nasty Pastor Gets Caught “Laying On Hands”, After Telling Black Men How to Be Better Men!

Another nail in the coffin for that crypt known as the church beast, also known as a well kept monument of failure.

The spiritual man above (no, not the divine one) is Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons (SIMPmons?). The pastor of Jacob Chapel in Tallahassee, Florida, Simmons, a prominent member of the community, recently got in trouble for giving a touch not quite from the Lord.

Police reports state that a husband threatened to kill Simmons after finding him in bed trying to “lay down his burdens” inside his wife’s tabernacle.

The cuckold then chased Simmons, stealing his clothes, wallet, and keys, as the man of (taking off) the cloth hid behind a fence.

As the news became public, Simmons attempted to garner forgiveness from his flock, to much avail.

Notice how easy it is to manipulate the congregation into forgiving the SPIRITUAL LEADER AND EXAMPLE of such a debaucherous and heinous act. I guarantee that a layman male congregant would NOT have received the same benefit of the heart.

Speaking of that element, Simmons had authored a book titled “I Need a Man”, focusing on biblical manhood. The title alone brings to mind the cuckoldry (ironic), passive feminism, and holding of standards only for (lay)men that is present in the church, namely black ones. The few black men in these churches are constantly told to “step up”, even when these guys are shining examples of good men and far more righteous than the pastors. Black women love simps like this, and will throw money at them in way of unbiblical tithe and buying his books. Speaking for black women, the Cuck maker wife was too busy getting cruciDICKed down to answer the calls from school stating that her son had gotten sick. These black women NEVER take care of their kids, always too busy meeting strange dingaling, even when married! Many times, in fact, pastors will use the (single) mothers for access to molest the children!


It’s mentioned that the church had several ministries and outreach programs, many of which Simmons led himself. While I honestly do commend him for seemingly legitimately trying to do what most pastors, namely black ones, simply refuse to, it still doesn’t automatically absolve this. Isn’t marriage supposed to be sacred? Isn’t that why we oppose things such as premarital sex and gay marriage? The CLERGY doesn’t respect the institute, so stop getting mad that others don’t. He also REFUSES to step down due to already having God’s forgiveness. This dude knows he’s got a good hustle. These pastors are no dummies when it comes to grabbing cash!

These pastors and the black women who support them hand over fist are the cancer that is killing the black community, and both are funded by white liberal scum. The image, however, of the honest Cuck chasing this guy around naked like a perverted Benny Hill skit is pretty funny.


The latter is more likely, lol.

For more info, check out:

Pastor Orinthius Jermaine Simmons, Sr. of Jacob Chapel Chirch Was Almost Shoot And Killed For Screwing A Members Wife