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HoaxVID-19 Evidence 12/09/2020

You will notice that the countries below that are taking a stand against this nonsense are predominately European, as well as Asian and to some extent, South American. Negroes have absolutely no leg to stand on anymore against pretty much ANY sort of racism, as they are the main ones CHOOSING to be slaves.

Christianity, News, Politics, Religion, Social Commentary, SYSBM

HoaxVID-19 Proof 11/25/2020

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH!!!! You will notice that those standing up against and pointing out the tyranny at play are mostly WHITE. Asians of course are complying because most of them are a bunch of spineless, zombiefied cowards who wouldn’t dare rock the boat.

Black people however have no excuses. Just going along with the mandates of the same “waycizt whieyt gubirmint” that they usually do nothing but bitch and moan about. Most people will be thrown into the dustbin of history when this is all over, including at least 98% of black people.

Notice also that the main “cunspear-issy theeriztsz” railing against vaccines are also white. Where are pro-blacks like Tariq Nasheed to warn black people against what’s being done to them? Exactly. At this point, black people en masse DESERVE the slavery that they’re otherwise always talking about, and their countries DESERVE to be raped by the Chinese and other opportunists. Congratulations, you just validated racism!

The same goes for human and child trafficking, the main ones fighting this are white folks, even though African women and children are some of the biggest victims. But #blacklivesmatter, amiright?

You will also notice that mainstream organized religions aren’t saying a damn thing, namely Christianity. These religions claim to have all the answers, and Black churches especially harp about Jesus and having godly wisdom and discernment. Where’s the discernment about this hoax of a deadly virus? The only pastor who’s truly spoken out and taken a stand against this nonsense is John McArthur, who’s a pariah among Christianity anyways for actually preaching the Bible.

CHURCHES and burn. HOSPITALS should burn. UNIVERSITIES should burn. GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS should burn. The time for being nice is over.