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SYSBM Beauties 05/30/2021

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Black “Queens” Resorting to Flagging Black Men: The Right Arm of “White Supremacy”!

¬†This post is a few weeks late, but still utterly relevant. For those unaware, in the past few weeks, black women have targeted the Black manosphere like never before. They’ve partnered with the white liberal Jewish Youtube and Google and cited several false flags towards black youtubers and their channels.

One of the most prominent targets was Tommy Sotomayor, whose popular TNNRAW2 channel was deleted.

Others, such as up and comers like Kid Organic, also had their channels deleted and were forced to make new ones. Keep in mind that he had only been around sense the end of 2016, and had already made a splash in upsetting the black female power structure.

Even known simps such as Oshay Duke Jackson and Sarge Willie P were targeted, their simping and white knighting for black women shown to be as ineffective and impotent as believed.

This is the length that ultra liberals and black women in particular will go to in order to silence free speech. Right now more then ever, black women are getting heat from all directions, namely the various other races that sell them weave as well as their white daddy!

I urge black men to not give up and to speak out against what is going on in black society, especially soeaking out against the machinations of black women that ruin said black society!

Thinking black men must abandon 99.9% of black Women, if not the whole. Stop wasting time looking for a pork chop in a Muslim country, and seek love and companionship with non black women. Even the weak white mgtow men know that non black Women are far easier to deal and build with.

Black Women are NOT black men’s friends, and use every tool given to them by “da whiet debbil” to silence black men and attack their masculinity, sanity, and livelihoods. #SYSBM, #blaxit, and #stopblackgirls2017!


Kid Organic’s new channel.

Black "Community" Dysfunction, News, Politics

Black Thot On Her Way to See the Judge Passes Time by Blowing a Stray Dome!


No, that title isn’t a typo. In a Jacksonville, Florida courthouse, a beautiful black queen who was waiting to see a judge decided to record herself performing oral sex in the hallway. Here’s some photos of this luscious queen of the Nile.

Image result for brittany jones courthouse

Image result for brittany jones courthouse

Image result for brittany jones courthouse

Now, I have no clue what it is with black chicks and this new trend of the flower headband and dog face, but they seem to love it.

The gorgeous Nubian queen was 26-year old Brittany Jones, who was in court for a hearing concerning an arrest in January over possession of drugs items.

She tweeted that this was a way to get out of trouble, and apparently she was right. She faces no charges for the public indecency, and will serve only two days for the other offense. Ask yourself, if this was a man engaging in a sexual act in public, would he have slapped on the wrist? Remember, feminists get onto men simply for “manspreading”, the act of men spreading their legs to make room for their penis and testicles.

Our effeminate, white cuckold government allows women to run wild, and in the case of black women, these white liberals and cuckservatives alike know that she’s the worst thing possible. They unleash her upon these black neighborhoods to spread the curse of 3D: yes, death, destruction, and disease! Thus, the several bastard children that they have grow up viewing and imitating her behavior. The daughters grow up to do the exact same things or worse, whereas the sons get arrested or killed for said actions. This is end goal, for the black men who are plagued to have these black queens (of the damned) as mothers to fill the ranks of either jail or hell, whichever is more profitable at the time.

Black people, especially the women, have taken to committing debaucherous acts and uploading the videos to Youtube for 5 milliseconds of hood fame. Once again, if black males do such things, the videos are used as evidence against them.

Black men, it’s time to abandon these women, pure and simple. The majority of these black “queens” are basically possessed with demons at this point, since blacks love to act “spiritual”. The only things demonesses can do is bring hell on Earth, so why form a union with her? She hates you, she hates her children, and she hates herself. What type of community can be built with such an individual? Don’t bring up other groups of women, because the evidence of them being far easier groups to mate and build with is beyond overwhelming. White women being feminists is on the shoulders of weak cuckold white men who literally just handed over power and rights to them. Even still, their neighborhoods are not as dilapidated and violent as ours, especially now that white women are running away from feminism and back into the arms of men.

Don’t walk black men, run! #SYSBM and date out! At this point, worldwide, the only way to save the black race seems to be mixing it.

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